CILEGON. Thursday (28/12), Rumah Zakat’s mobile library car  Cilegon visit Mushola Al-A’la precisely in Krakatau Park Kramatwatu. The visit was at the invitation of the DKM Mushola Al-A’la who was very concerned with the activities of the children during the school holidays. And the event was done in Al-A’la mosque.

Aman said as the head of RT in the region, he said that he wanted to fill the school holidays with children with useful things.

“Thanks to the mobile library car and also Rumah Zakat which has come. Hopefully, can fill the children’s holidays”. Say Mr. Safe.

The activities provided by Moju team on this visit are storytelling, coloring, playing congklak and lego. After that proceed with reading books and watching movies.

Although it turns out the children feel embarrassed and still have a new wake up so the energy is still not collected. Besides after the educational activities started the children are very enthusiastic and enthusiastic to follow the race that has been prepared by mobile library car team.

Rafka, one of the children who is doing moju activities said that he was very happy with the car library around Zakat House today by kak Efi.

“How’s the feeling there’s a mobile library coming here?” Ask kak Efi.
“Happy”. Say Rafka soon.
“Why are you happy?” Ask Elfi kak again.
“Because we can read and watch movies,” said Rafka.

Do not forget at the end of the event Moju team handing out door prizes for children and also PMT. In addition, we also do a photo together.

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