KUNJUNGAN MUSLIM SCOUT MALAYSIA KE SD JUARA MEDANMEDAN. It is a fun day for students in SD Juara Medan. The students from Malaysia visited SD Juara, they are male and female students were selected in the Muslim Scout. A total of 100 students who were waiting for graduation from the school in Malaysia perform community service in Indonesia.

This visit is the fourth visit for Muslim Scout to SD Juara, The event started with opening and remark from the principal. Then all students perform educational games with the Muslim Scout.

“It’s great to play with students of SD Juara, exciting,” Fadel said one of Muslim Scout adviser.

Joy and pleasure did not stop there. When finished playing with the Muslim Scout, SD Juara students received gifts in the form of stationery and lunch.

“It was nice playing with sisters from Malaysia, they are kind,” said Haikal elementary students Terrain champion.

Muslim Scout visit this time is aimed at community service before they go to college. Keep moving  Malaysia and Jayalah Indonesia. Hopefully in the future the relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia kept getting better and better.

Newsroom/Sahidan Gayo


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