School holiday has arrived. Many school children doing various activities in the holidays, playing, walking, and hanging out with family and others but not a few children who take this holiday moment to be circumcised. As done by children in the legok area.
The mass circumcision event from Majelis Taklim Kaum Annisa in collaboration with RZ becomes an opportunity for them to compete participating in the event. Mass circumcision was coincided with the celebration of Birthday of Prophet Mohammad carried out in the Mosque legok Permai Blok D1 / A1, Legok Tangerang on Saturday (12/26).

The event started for 07.00 until 13.00. The mass circumcision participants are 20 children who live in the area around the complex. The activity received support from the community.

As evidenced by high enthusiasm of the community that came to the site eventhough it’s raining since morning the community spirit to circumcise their children, in order to improve the health of Indonesian children. “It was nice to be circumcised, like another friend who had been circumcised”, said Fahmi (8), said one of the participants of this mass circumcision. ***

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