MAKASSAR. (08/25) still in the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha 1439 H celebration, Majelis Taklim Telkomsel Regional Makassar together with Rumah Zakat held a mass circumcision activity for 30 orphans and poor children in Makassar City.

A total of 4 doctors and 8 teams of nurses and volunteers went down as mass circumcision teams this time. This activity took place from 08.00 – 13.00 at Baruga Telkomsel Jl. Ap.Pettarani Makassar City. This activity began with an opening attended by the Head and Regional Executive of MTT Sulawesi and Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Makassar.

Sharing a series of activities is carried out before the circumcision service begins. One of them is positive education for children who are orphans of poor circumcision participants by playing gift sharing games, and taking photos together so as to minimize fear before the circumcision begins. In addition to mass circumcision, MTT Sulawesi also distributed scholarships to 10 tahfiz students.

“This activity was held thanks to the cooperation of donations of zakat, infaq and sedekah from the employees of Telkomsel Sulawesi which are collected regularly. The program distribution is varied, and specifically for this month it is intended for mass circumcision programs, “said Kaharuddin Hatta as the Telkomsel MT Program.

Mrs. Darmawanti (34 years) a parent of a circumcision participant from the Tamalanrea Jaya sub-district claiming she is grateful for the implementation of this activity.

“Alhamdulilah, thank you. Children are not afraid to be circmucised, because my child got many friends and after circumcised get lots of gifts and pocket money. Hopefully in the future more and more people will get benefit from various programs from the Majelis Taklim Telkomsel and Rumah Zakat, “he said.


Muthmainnah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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