MANFAATKAN LIBURAN, ANAK JUARA RZ KUNJUNGI YAYASAN ANAK LUAR BIASAACEH. ACEH. Spending the school holidays, on Thursday (02/06) RZ’s foster children ‘Anak Juara’ visit one of the SLB-AB Foundation (special school), located in Ulee Kareng, Aceh. This foundation is a foundation that houses children with special needs (ABK). Children accompanied by RZ tutor arrived in place at 10.00 am.

This event was organized by RZ Aceh Volunteer in order to visit and built friendly relationship with children in the foundation. The event began with introduction session with the children and teachers in the foundation, and continued to do gymnastics together.

All the participants and the students were very entertained by this event, although the children who followed not so much due to the holiday season. All participants were cheerful and mingle while practicing gymnastic movement that deliberately funny and cheerful.

On that occasion, the children also receive counseling about how to wash hands properly and counseling about the dangers of smoking. Counseling about the dangers of smoking, children were asked to draw to improve their creativity with interesting and simple poster about the dangers of smoking.

Children seemed to seriously follow the direction from RZ Volunteers. In the end, the anak juara were asked to give gifts directly to children in the foundation also take a group photo.

“We want to teach sympathy to anak juara through this activity. Hopefully they can be kids who want and easily share with others. “Said Thursina, one of the tutors of RZ’s Anak Juara

One of Anak Juara admitted that “This is the first time to come here. I’m happy to join this activity.” Ade Nanda said.

Newsroom/Arif Fadhilah

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