MASYARAKAT TERNAK NUSANTARA BERSAMA RZ LUNCURKAN PEMBERDAYAAN KELINCI DI ICD CIBALUNG CILACAP. Cibalung is one village in Cimanggu district, Cilacap with nearly 80% mountain area. This condition is a distinct advantage because it stored diverse potential, including farm fields.

Mountains with abundant food resources become a capital to develop the potential of livestock. Masyarakat Ternak Nusantara (MTN) together with RZ are trying to develop this potential by launching Rabbits Livestock Empowerment Program.

Rabbits are one of the livestock commodities that are easy to develop, similar to the goats. The difference is rabbits require a relatively short time for its development.

“I’ve been asked to send 800 rabbits for consumption to Yogyakarta, but I can only supply 200 due to limited rabbit breeders in the western Cilacap including Cimanggu District.” said Mr. Suswanto, the rabbit breeder when Volunteer Inspiration RZ visiting cage for rabbits studied science.

This shows high demand for meat consumption in the market, while the stock of rabbits is less because not many people are interested in developing these cattle.

Seeing this opportunity, combined with the abundance of natural resources in Cibalung village, RZ Inspiring Volunteer tried to mobilize the community by launching Rabbits Livestock Empowerment Program with the aim to create rabbit breeders who in turn can help to develop the economic condition.

Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza

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