2903 MELEJITKAN POTENSI TINGKATKAN EDUKASI KESEHATANPALEMBANG, Monday, (27/03) Rumah Zakat educated the cadres of Posyandu Wijaya Gandung in Palembang. This activity started at 09.00-11.00 am. at  Yeni’s House one of the Posyandu cadres on Lettu Karim Kadir RT 10 RW 02, Kel. Karang Jaya, Kec. Ganduns, Palembang.

This activity was the second time that has been authorized on the last February. Material of this training was delivered by midwive Miki Iryanti Amd. Keb about the benefit of exclusive breast milk (ASI Air susu Ibu).   Midwive Miki said that the benefit of ASI exclusive is very needed in to add the body endurance of the babies and also benefit for the mothers. The materials indeed is very important to be delivered for the cadres.

As many of five cadres followed the training. The cadres in look very Enthusiastically receive this materials. The most interesting question that was asked by the participant was the myth about when we put the breast milk in the freezer and then become a poison, but it is not at all.

Sugandi, Health Team of Rumah Zakat hopes through the program that can increase the education like this could rise potential of the cadres posyandu in order to give the correct comprehension to the community about the benefit of breast milk (ASI) to the babies and their mother.

This program will be held for next  4 month later with the special steps and application to the development of cadres posyandu itself and the support of the other programs.

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