MAGELANG. Bligo Village is one of Rumah Zakat Empowered Village in Magelang Regency, Central Java. The natural condition of Bligo Village is not much different from other Rumah Zakat empowered villages in Central Java, ie the air is cool, surrounded by rice fields, and the people are friendly. What distinguishes is the spirit of its citizens who want to change the face of an ordinary village into a tourist village and known to the whole of Indonesia. “Bligo village has many advantages, such a waste if not managed properly and utilized. And the problem is the residents want or do not want to manage it well, “said Sumardi Karta Youth Forum Activator, Bligo Empowered Village.

Tourism Village is a dream for Bligo residents, since 2015 the Youth Forum Activator with Wimbo, Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village Facilitator then together pioneered Bligo Village into one of the existing Tourism Village in Magelang. The first thing they do is educate the residents in order to maintain and utilize the environment properly.

Bligo village is traversed by two major rivers, namely Kaliprogo and Mataram. Which then one of them is used as a tourist attraction. “Mataram River closer to the village, the flow is also not too heavy, so it can be used for fun tubing,” said Sumardi. The desire of citizens to utilize the Mataram River into tourist sites has existed since a long time, but due to cost constraints and inadequate facilities and infrastructure finally can only be realized this year.

According to Sumardi, by utilizing the river as one of the tourist sites, residents will be helped from the economic side. Increased economy of the citizens is an important point in the realization Bligo Tourist Village. “With the improvement of the economic level of citizens, may be followed also by the increasing education of Bligo villagers,” said Sumardi.

Currently there are only 10 fun tubing units that can be used to navigate the Mataram River, with three guides guarding it. According to Sumardi fun tubing is operated after Eid al-fitr by local people and they enthusiastically follow this activity. Wimbo also said if the river becomes one of the source of residents income then there will be no more people along the river that throw garbage carelessly. The idea to make the river as a fun tubing tour location was one of them is triggered by the desire to keep the Mataram River clean and clear without garbage.

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