YOGYAKARTA. Budi Mulyono, a resident of RT 11, RW 3, Patehan is selling pigeons daily in the Market of Ornamental and Animal Plantation Yogyakarta. His merchandise he gets from market visitors who sell pigeons to him, or sometimes he took from Kotagede Market, Bantul Market, Tlogorejo Market Jl. Godean, adjusting the market day. Every day he can sell an average of 10 pigeons, with a profit of Rp.2.000-Rp.5.000 per pigeon.

Some time ago, Mr. Budi got sick enough to stop his business. The capital is getting thinner and the income is not there.

Luckily at this time his condition improved, the business he left began to be re-applied. Facilitator of Desa Berdaya Rumah Zakat in Patehan Village, Edy Dwi Daryapto, through the Senyum Mandiri Program of Rumah Zakat helps the capital to raise the business of Mr. Budi Mulyono.

“I hope this aid is very hopeful, there is no income until the capital is thinned out for daily needs, thank you for Rumah Zakat,” said Budi Mulyono to Edy.

“Hopefully with this help, smooth effort, we keep closeness to Allah, sustenance of blessing, Insya Allah,” Said Edi to Mr. Budi.

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