PELAJARI KEKERASAN TERHADAP LANISA, RZ GELAR CARE GIVER TRAININGYOGYAKARTA. Care Giver Training is a program initiated by Cita Sehat with RZ in caring for the health and welfare of the elderly. Through the Care Giver Training, the care giver or elderly nurse trained to provide appropriate care to the needs of the elderly.

As is done in Yogyakarta on Saturday (21/01), Cita Sehat team conducted the Care Giver Training with Dr. Farisha Kun, a general practitioner in Tresna Wreda Social Institutions. Dr. Ari as he is often called, provides an explanation of the types of violence against the elderly. In order for the material more easily understood, He also gives examples of cases relating to the material described.

This event was held in the Hall Clinic of RZ Yogyakarta RBG started at 10:00 am, attended by 18 people care giver that is a combination of four target area RZ Sorowajan, Karet, Rendeng Kulon and Keparakan Lor. The enthusiasm of the participants is very high, seen from the number of questions posed by them to the dr. Ari.

“Material this time was very useful for us in caring for the elderly. Now I know that talking rough and full of emotion alone is a form of violence against the elderly. The material was certainly made me and other friends to be more careful in taking care of the elderly, “said Ani, Care Giver of Sorowajan.

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