MENGHARUKAN, PAK SUPI'I MENANGIS SAAT MENERIMA BANTUAN B&BSURABAYA. (03/14) Volunteer Rumah Zakat Surabaya implemented Buy and Share (B & B) program. This event was held from 08.00 until 08.30. This time, the target of B & B is Pak Supi’i (63 years old) selling wooden toy planes and newspaper. Then the wooden plane toys were bought will be distributed to children in SDN Gebang 2, Pucukan Sidoarjo, on Thursday (03/16).

Mr. Supi’i selling at traffic lights Taman Persahabatan Jalan Sulawesi. He has been selling wooden toy planes and newspaper for eleven years. He does not make himself the toy planes but get a stock from a merchant located at Jalan Demak, Surabaya. Every day, at 5 am, Mr. Supi’i prepared in the park to receive stock from merchant, he will get 30 planes. Then, the stock along the deposit is taken back by the merchant at 11 am.

“The profit obtained from the wooden toy planes is 1500, and the newspaper, 400 from Jawa Pos, 250 from Suara Surabaya, about 17,000 rupiah per day, cannot be up to 20,000,” explained Mr. Supi’i.

“My wife sells fried snack. I have two children, who also selling newspapers on Jalan Darmo. One is a middle school graduate, and the other one is graduated from elementary school. They want to continue, but unfortunately we don’t have money” he continued.

When getting help from volunteers, Mr. Supi’i cried. Thanks and gratitude is not escape from his lips. His face was bright, looks very happy. “Alhamdulillah, thank you, Rumah Zakat Volunteers” said Mr. Supi’i in the sidelines of his sobs.

“Hopefully happiness energy continues to be spread through Buy and Share Program. Keep spirit, to bring happiness for ummah” Closed, Volunteer Coordinator Surabaya, Septea Andre

Newsroom/ Dea Sukmara


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