BANTUL, Sunday (08/09). Being a mentor is very challenging. There is a lot of knowledge that one must possess to become a mentor as well as a Juara Children’s mentor. Because we want to educate the Juara Children who memorize 30 Juz and have tartil in reading the Qur’an, of course as mentors we must first have knowledge about it.

In order to upgrade the ability to read the Qur’an with tartil, Juara Children mentors in Piyungan routinely hold Tahsin Training according to the activities of Juara Children classes. By inviting Ustadz and Ustadzah who are competent in conveying tahsin knowledge.

This Sunday (08/09) tahsin training is filled by Ustadzah Lusiana, who has been certified in learning the Ummi method tahsin. The training was attended by 5 mentors from the Piyungan area in Al Ikhlash Mosque, Bintaran Kulon, Srimulyo, Piyungan.

The material this time was specifically studying the reading of Gharaibul Qur’an, as preparation for mentors who will take the reading exams. “Alhamdulillah, this training was very useful for us in improving the reading of our Qur’an so that we could apply the teaching to the children,” said Isnaini Fitriana, regional head of Piyungan.


Zaitun / Hanaa Afifah

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