The month of Ramadan is the holiest of the eleven months in the Islamic calendar. When it falls in the summer, it is a period in which one must be even more careful. What must we look out for to maintain a healthy diet during Ramadan?

As Muslims’ eating habits change in the month of Ramadan, so do their health and figures. One can reap the benefits of basting by adding adequate, balanced menus to the shortened hours in which one is able to eat. Especially in midsummer, when Ramadan this year coincides with the hottest of weather, we should take special care for the sake of our health. Thirst and feeling faint, further provoked by high heat and humidity, can cause you trouble all day long.

If we examine the eating patterns of the prophet, in fact he has applied the method of food combining. Rasulullah consumes certain foods at certain times which were very appropriate with the digestive cycle. In addition, ‘Aisyah mentioned that the prophet Muhammad never filled his stomach with two types of food. When it was full of bread, he would not eat date fruits. And when it was full of date fruits, he would not eat bread. Rasulullah did not eat two foods or two types of hot and cold food simultaneously. He also did not eat fish and meat at the same time and not went to sleep after dinner. Fish and meat are sources of protein. Those are not recommended by Rasulullah to consume at the same time. The expert of food combining expert states that the combination of fish and meat is not good.

Food combining is a such the oldest healthy diet in the world. Based on historical manuscripts, we find that food combining has been done by the Essenes in Palestine about 200 years ago. They followed the teachings of the law that is still pure. Essenes did not combine the bread with meat at the same time, also milk and meat, do not eat blood, carcass, and meat of animals which are forbidden (pork, fish without fins or gills or reptiles), and do not overeat. This food combining diet method became popularized again in Germany around the 1800s, and it has since followed in Europe, America, and Australia. Actually, dozens of centuries before that, Rasulullah had been using the method of food combining.


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