SURAKARTA. The increasingly limited land due to development, making gardening activities rarely found in urban areas. Urban farming or gardening in city can be spelled out as an answer to the community’s anxiety in addressing the limitations of land. This step is also taken by Rumah Zakat Solo Branch as a form of concern for environmental empowerment.

Sunday (07/29), through Environmental program of Rumah Zakat with Ngemplak Sutan residents, work together to develop Urban Farming activities, Ngemplak Sutan Residents who numbered to 112 is residents of relocation of Pucang Sawit flood that occurred in 2010.

By utilizing the narrow land, Ngemplak Sutan residents, RT 03 RW 37, Mojosongo has successfully developed an aquaponic park and catfish farming since last two months. Through the guidance of Rumah Zakat, Head of Non-Governmental Groups (KSM 3) and Chairman of RT 03 RW 37 is also more optimistic to start pioneering towards Tourism Village.

“Hopefully in the future, from the Urban Farming program is in addition to food security, we also want to lead to economic development. Initiating the idea of ​​the Tourism Department also wants us to advance as a Tourism Village in Central Java, “said Antonio Suparto (58), as Chairman of RT 03 RW 37.

Development towards this economy is also justified by Siwanto (38) as Chairman of KSM 3. He wants urban farming is not only as decoration only, but also has its own selling points for the common good. “Therefore, at this time we no longer use polybag method because I think the sale is more difficult than aquaponic methods. For now we sell the harvest to the nearest market, but in the future it will be marketed in Supermarket, “he said on the sidelines of urban farming.

Antonio also addes, that his party is very grateful to Rumah Zakat Solo for moral and material support in this urban farming program. “Hopefully in the future, not only Rumah Zakat is involved, but we also need moral support and material from the government as well to succeed the program towards the Tourism Village,” he said.

Newsroom/ Nurul Ulfa

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