menurut-studi-makanan-warna-ungu-memerangi-risiko-kankerWe all know that fruits and vegetables are very healthy food with rich benefits. Generally, green vegetables are vegetables that are believed to have healthful benefits. However, in addition to green vegetables and fruits, some other foods with red, yellow and purple are also very healthy.

A new study says purple food is predicted to be a favorite food that is loved in the year 2017. Why it is loved? In addition to its beautiful colors, nutrients and vitamins contained in purple vegetables and fruits are very healthy. These foods can prevent and treat cancer risk.

Quoted from, a recent study conducted at the University of Porto found that the content of anthocyanins in purple foods can kill the growth of breast cancer cell. Not only breast cancer cells, vitamins and other nutrients may help to kill other cancer cells in the body. It is like those found in other studies conducted at NC State University.

In addition to fighting cancer risk, experts revealed that food with purple color is useful as an anti-aging or prevent aging, prevent the risk of obesity, protects the heart and strengthen the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s. There are several purple vegetables and fruits. Include cauliflower, eggplant, sweet potato, beet, purple peppers, purple onions, grapes, figs, raisins, blueberries, purple basil, lavender, plum, blackberry and many more.

Well, given the importance of vitamins and nutrients in purple foods, try to meet the needs of these foods each day for your body. Experts believe that regular consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables can help fight against various deadly and dangerous disease.

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