anak-makan-_160520130045-272 Currently, there are many ways parents and presenters of food to make healthy foods more attractive. One way is a restaurant serving more fruit than fried foods, like french fries.

Such steps was only successfully applied to adults, but failed in children. The findings of this new study, published in BMC Research Notes. Researchers conducted a survey in 15 children aged 6-8 years.

Half of the children were given food such as apple slices, the other half were given the fries. As a result, children were served sliced apple asking to exchange food with the kids who get the fries.

Similar studies conducted in the next few days and the result is 86.7 percent of children prefer to be given the fries instead of sliced apples and other fruits.

The researchers concluded that foods, such as french fries in fast food restaurants or red meat on the buffet table is very liked by children. These are two standard menus that is almost always present in every place to eat.

“We can outsmart by presenting both at once. Children still get their favorite food (fries), but still can eat apples, “said the author of the book” stated the writer of Design Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life,’ Brian Wansink,, reported by Medical News Today.

Nutritious foods and rich in nutrients also need to be presented in a more attractive packaging and shape. It will improve the taste and food preferences of children so that their nutritional needs remain fulfilled.


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