Fresh-Green-Tea-Leaves-Sunlight Every woman wants to have smooth skin, clean and free of any problems. But, it is not rare that someone would have a skin problem called keloids. Mmm, what is keloid? Is it dangerous? Keloids is one condition of skin damage as a result of an overgrowth and as if there are reddish bumps on the skin. According to some skin health experts, keloids is not a dangerous.

Keloids usually occur during healing of skin wounds either burns, chickenpox, acne or other injuries. It belongs to the benign tumors which is not dangerous. In some cases, keloid cannot be eliminated even having performed the surgical removal of keloids in a short time. When we who happen to have keloid in the skin of the body, we must be willing to take care the skin properly and apply medicine to eliminate the keloid.

Quoted from stylecraze.com, keloid generally experienced by people in the age of 10 to 30 years old, to resolve keloid problem, besides removing keloid or perform surgery, keloid can be overcome by using natural oils. The natural oils that can overcome or eliminate keloids is tea tree oil.

It is very easy to use tea tree oil. The trick is, prepare approximately 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and a piece of cotton. Apply tea tree oil to the skin that has keloids using cotton. Apply regularly 2 times a day after a shower in the morning and before bed. For maximum results, do this treatment regularly every day for several weeks.

Indeed, through this treatment keloids can instantly be cured, flat or missing. But, at least this treatment will make the skin free of problems and prevents the appearance of keloid during the healing time progresses. How ? is it very easy, isn’t it?
Besides tea tree oil, keloids can be overcome by another natural oil such as castor oil, lavender oil, gotu kola oil and mustard oil.

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