0703 MISTERI KEHIDUPANMost of them (Hasan Basri’s students) said, when I sat next to Hasan Basri, suddenly a group passed by dragging a slain. When he saw the man, he fainted. And shortly after came to, I was asked about it.

Actually, this person likes to worship and Zuhd experts, said Hasan Basri. Ya Abu Sa’id (Hasan Basri), please let us know and explain to us about this, I asked again.

The sheikh was heading out of his house to mosque for prayers. It turns on the way, he saw a Christian girl and he was tempted to make him failed to come to the mosque. Then she threatened, “I will not marry you unless after you’ve converted to my religion ‘.

After so long and his love to the girl was getting stronger, misfortune pulled himself, as he granted the request of the Christian girl and he left the Hanif religion (Islam).

When he was already a Christian and he becomes part of it, the girl just out from behind the curtain, and said, O man, it is no kindness at all to yourself! You out of your religion that has accompanied you throughout your age for the sake of lust that has no value, as for me, I left my religion in search of pleasure that will not be extinct for Allah Almighty, to whom everything depends.

Then she was reading surah al-Ikhlas: Say, He is Allah, the Almighty. God is a God who depend on Him everything. He is no birth and no too begotten. And no one is equal to him (1-4).

People were shocked and surprised, asking, do you already memorized this verse before? No. For the sake of Allah! I did not know at all. But, when the man whining to me, want to marry me, I had a dream in my sleep as if I went to hell, then saw a place. I was gripped by fear and great anxiety. Then Angel Malik said, ‘Do not be afraid, do not worry because God has redeemed your guilt and sin to him.’ Then he took my hand, while guiding and put me in paradise.

And when I was in it, I found this surah, then read, God abolish what He wills and establishes (what He wills), and on the side of Him is there Umm al-Kitab (Lawh Mahfuz) (Surah ar-Ra ‘ d [13]: 39).

After that, the angel Malik recited surah al-Ikhlas to me, and I accepted it as she repeated them. A moment later, I woke up and I got memorized the surah.

Then the woman converted to Islam, while the sheikh was killed for apostasy, according to the narrative of Hasan Basri. We ask Allah, my He grant us steadfastness and afiah (healthy faith).

That’s the mystery of life, completely untouched by human prediction. So they are now righteous, do not be presumptuous it maybe he get tragic final life, as the narrative above.

Conversely, those who are in sins, don’t be pessimistic and despair because it is very easy for Allah to turn the hearts of someone that necessarily precisely their whole life tether her/his to Allah. So, keep our hearts groan for prayers, ask for istiqamah and die in Husnul khatimah.


By: makmum Nawawi

Source: http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/hikmah/17/03/06/omdtlj313-misteri-kehidupan

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