MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING ADIRA INSURANCE - RZ KUNJUNGI SD JUARA CILEGON, SISWA ANTUSIASCILEGON. On this day (07/19) Adira Insurance RZ Mobile library car visited SD Juara Cilegon. A total of 75 children so actively participated in the activity held by the team of Adira Insurance RZ Mobile library. The team was also happy to see the activity of SD Juara students although school only gave time about two hours.

This activity was also in cooperation with Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) Cilegon that also provided education about oral health.

At break time the children hunt for a book to read. After reading the book, the children entered the hall to participate in storytelling, watch educational films, as well as health education.

Iroh Basiroh as PIC Moju Adira delivered a story of the honesty given the kids need to apply this in everyday life.

Still in line with fairy tale conveyed, educational films also featured on “faith in angel”.

“This educational film is presented so that children remain cautious in taking action because the angels will keep watch over their actions.” said Roudotul Hasanah while guiding the activity.

One boy named Sayyaf were able to mention a good deed in the educational films, “I am Sayyaf, good deeds that i watch that is getting rid of broken glass on the road, apologized to children who has been tased by us …” Reveal Sayyaf innocently.

They were very excited and kept raised their hand to always want to advance to answer questions from the team.

The end of this activity the children are given food such as milk boxes and sausage for their supplementary nutrients for children.

Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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