MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING ADIRA-RZ SAMBANGI SEKOLAH PELOSOK DI BANTENKUNINGAN. Tuesday (2/7) Adira – RZ Mobile library car visit SDN Ciceblok located in Kp. Ciceblok Kadubeureum Village Pabuaran district Serang, Banten. The presence of a library car in SD Ceceblok due to the invitation of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University student that are undertaking social activity (KKM) in the village of Kadubeureum.

SDN Ciceblok apparently a remote school located in the area which must pass through forests, while schools are located in remote areas even this school has no library, no wonder when the mobile library arrived at the location it was very welcomed enthusiastically by students of SDN Ciceblok because this is the first time.

Mr. Medi as a teacher at SDN Ciceblok said “We are from the school to say thanks to mobile library car, children can learn in the outdoors, the children sometimes feels bored studying indoors. Children also need a new atmosphere about learning and reading because reading is a window to the world “. he said.

The event of mobile library was filled with a coloring contest, drawing, educational games (congklak, lego, puzzle and hula-hup), a game of snakes and ladders and computer training. Then after the race the children are directed to read the book, this event was attended by all students.

“Thankyou Adira-RZ’s mobile library has come to our KKM location, these activities are fun for children to learn through playing” Said Ica as PIC KKM Untirta.

At the end of the event mobile library car team showed a movie about the “The soft heart of Khalifah”. The children were very joyful appreciate the film that highlight the character of Omar bin Khattab who are very assertive and likes to give. After watching the movie, the activities closed with the activity drawing contest announcement and the distribution of supplementary food.

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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