BATANG. Tuesday (08/08), Rumah Zakat gave business capital to the workers of emping melinjo maker in Limpung Subdistrict and the surrounding sub-districts such as Reban, Banyuputih, Tersono and Bawang Subdistricts. Emping melinjo is a typical food from Limpung Sub-district of Batang Regency. Most of the emping makers are housewives from Almost every house in the sub-district. they have the special stone used for battling.

Most of the emping market is dominated by middlemen and big boss of emping. These housewives only took the melinjo from the middlemen and deposited the ready made chips to them. And they only get wages only.

one of them is Romlah, the woman who has for many years become emping worker. “Alhamdullillah with the help of business capital from Rumah Zakat can now with their own capital, so the benefits can be greater than just the same workers middlemen,” he said.

It is hoped that in the future there will be more emperor workers who can be self-sufficient in capital and no longer depend on the middlemen.

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