TEMANGGUNG, Thursday (10/17) – Two of the children who came this afternoon (10/17) were dropouts. They feel unable to take part in a variety of learning that they feel is not in accordance with their wishes. Then they stopped attending school when they were in class VII of junior high school.

A choice that is actually not easy, coupled with scorn that must be accepted. The parents of other children are also worried if their child follows in the footsteps of these children because of the association that occurs.

Rumah Zakat through the Sregep Sinau Reading House program in Kedungumpul Village seeks to embrace these children. Even though they no longer attend school, they are still given room to add insight and to express their feelings.

Together with other children, they often come to read some books even if they just look at the pictures in them. This opportunity was used by Anantiyo Widodo as Rumah Zakat Facilitator to motivate them. One of them is the motivation to want to read a book.

“Even though you don’t go to school, you have to keep learning. You also have to encourage friends who are studying at their respective schools,” said Anantiyo Widodo.


Mas Soers / Hanaa Afifah

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