77cara-praktis-hilangkan-kantuk-di-kampus-atau-tempat-kerjaThe difficulty to receive a condition or confused getting a way out and unpleasant experience make most people easily stressed. Some people are trying hard to get out of the ‘stress’ zone but have not succeeded. Here are some ways that can be practiced in daily life to reduce stress:

1. Familiarize yourself to think positive first

One of the stressors are likely to think negatively and it led to angry, hopeless, feeling alone, and so forth. Negative thoughts are nesting in mind and they feel it by heart so that they are easy to feel anxious and hurt over the situation that happened to them. Therefore make it a habit to think positively so that the mind is lighter in addressing something and away from prejudice.

2. Expand activities closer to Allah

Not all people are stressed then just silent, it is not a few who escaped into the things that invite a lot of harm or non-achievement, such as drinking, drugs, and the like. Though earthly things like this do not really make the heart calmer and peaceful it indeed damages the physical body itself. So, do more activities closer to God like following Majelis dhikr, tausyiah, and religious organizations so that we will get peace of mind and a lot of motivation from such activities.

3. Channeling hobbies and talents

Do not underestimate the activities related to hobbies or talents such as drawing, cooking, making accessories, writing, and others that can actually make yourself more developed and stimulates the brain to be smart. Some studies suggest that the hobby makes people seem cheerful and happy and transmit positive energy to the people around them.

4. Taking a rest
Taking a rest here is not about sleeping, but the time to calm the mind for a moment. So many people are stressed because did not have enough time to simply feel the looseness or full of fatigue. Take advantage of most of the time to rest like relaxing while enjoying the cup of hot tea or a walk around the complex or the countryside, Insya Allah, you will feel much better.

5. Do Exercise every morning

No doubt that the benefits of exercise not only detoxify the body through sweat, but also effective in raising a person’s mood began its activities in the morning. Perform simple movements when the morning for a better mood so the mindset is also good.

6. Trying to motivate yourself

The spirit of ourselves actually comes from our motivation to get up and turn it into a perception. So, if we have a good perception of an episode and are able to cope with it calmly then stress will not easily approached. So, do not be lazy to motivate yourself.

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