NENEK IKI, RELA MENGAJAR QURAN TANPA DIBAYARBANJARMASIN Old age is certainly not a hindrance. Aminah recognized her physical condition was not as fit as those who are young. Disease is often experienced by people on her age is also on herself. “I have indicated high blood pressure, uric acid also cholesterol. Some time ago had to be hospitalized, ” ‘Nenek Iki’ stated, so the local people called her (Iki is Aminah grandchildren’s name). Luckily the disease is now getting better and can go back to teach Quran.

And with Syiar Quran pcakages which aim to share free Quran and Iqro to people in need, Nek Iki felt really helped and welcomed the Quran given him with enthusiasm. Then she told to RZ that that many children who need Iqro and Quran.

“When children learn, anyone use one Iqro for two people. Meanwhile for Quran, they should take turns reading it, “She said. Not only teaching in her home, Aminah voluntarily goes to every neighbor house who wants to learn or to read Quran.

“They don’t want to come into my house because of embarrassment. Because I have attended almost all elderly who cannot read Quran, “she explained. According to her some residents are eligible for Quran assistance because in their homes they just have one Quran and it is used for four people. “So they took turns learning Quran,” she said again.

During Ramadan, IN everyday life nenek Iki is buzy with household work. She lives with her husband, children and several grandchildren. He also cared for her husband who suffered from stroke. Besides that she spent her time to teach Quran

Newsroom/Misran Fauzie

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