TEMANGGUNG. Tuesday (09/24/19) – Rumah Zakat develops a nutrition garden through the Empowered Village Program. In Kedungumpul Village, Kec. Kandangan, Kab. Temanggung Central Java, this program is combined with the cultivation of medicinal plants.

To make it easier for residents to understand the nutritional garden, Rumah Zakat creates a pilot nutrition garden which is placed on The Facilitator Rumah Zakat of the Kedungumpul Village.

On this afternoon (24/09) the nutrition garden was visited by children who will hold a group study at Sregep Sinau Learning House. They took a look at the medicinal plants in the nutritional garden and asked about their use.

Antantiyo Widodo, Rumah Zakat Facilitator at Kedungumpul Village, tried to explain the efficacy of the existing medicinal plants.

“Medicinal plants can be useful for healing, but still have to pay attention to the dose,” Anantiyo explained.

He gave an example like a blood-spreading plant, this plant contains poisonous sap, but can be used as a drug for bleeding and internal medicine. Of course, with the appropriate portion.


Antantiyo Widodo / Hanaa Afifah

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