CIREBON. “Alhamdulillah the omzet of my soybean now has reached Rp15 million per month,” said Nurse, the beneficiary of Rumah Zakat Cirebon business assistance who is now independent. This 45-year-old man began to pioneer soybean extract business since three years ago.

After decades being labor, Nurse dared to get out of his place of work and began to open a soybean business. His ability to make soy sour he obtained from reading and viewing videos on the internet. He started his business by distributing free soy bean products to his neighbors and local residents. So that he can know the tastes of the market and that will make him easier to determinate the selling price.

After three months of selling soybeans, Nurse who lives at Kp. Kesunean Selatan RT 05/RW 09 Kelurahan Kasepuhan, kecamatan Lemahwungkuk kota Cirebon received assistance from Rumah Zakat Cirebon in the form of capital, business facilities, and assistance to improve his ability to manage the business. “Alhamdulillah with the assistance of Rumah Zakat Cirebon, the production of soybean extract increased, of course, the turnover also increased. As new entrepreneur, I’m very grateful for the assistance program, my soybean juice even can be registered and have halal label, and label from public health office (Binas kesehatan),” he said.

Nurse is now listed as an independent beneficiary, the benefits he gained are able to send their children to school and pay employees. According to Nurse’s employees who work at home not only to help the production of soy extract, but also to learn that later they can open their own business.

As a new entrepreneur, Nurse is known to like to share. One way to share is to create a Sabtu Sehat program. According to the motto he has, then every Saturday Nurse distributed free soya extract for pregnant women and the elderly. Not only that, he also regularly deposit infaq box of Rumah Zakat Cirebon in his house.

“As a gratitude, I also want to be a donor. I used to be assisted, hopefully with this I can also help others. Please pray for me to be istiqomah (consistence),” said Nurse.


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