olga-saat-puasaThough we are fasting during the Ramadhan, it doesn’t mean that we should stop exercising.

For those who fast in Ramadhan, they definitely don’t eat and drink for hours. This phase may drive them limp because there isn’t any nutrition absorbed by the body. However, it can be a reason for us to stop exercising during the Ramadhan because we must keep doing it in order to have healthy and fit body.

To keep exercising, we have several tips for you as follow:

– Exercise a moment before breaking the fast or after it if you can’t do it in the morning.
– Don’t do high intense exercising such as lifting weight or sprint. You can do light exercise such as jogging, cycling, and stretching.
– Reduce the duration of your regular exercise time.
– Try soft type of exercise such as Yoga and Tai Chi. In addition to keep us healthy these also able to make us relax and free from stress.

One thing that you need to know is that exercising during the Ramadhan can boost our stamina thus we can live today as usual. So, keep exercising!***

Courtesy : liniberita.com

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