As you get older, your memory will decrease. Only with regular exercise for 10 minutes a day, is it effective enough to improve memory and brain connectivity, reported by The Guardian.

Researchers from the University of California who studied brain activity found that connectivity between parts of the brain responsible for memory formation increased after light exercise for 10 minutes. Mild exercise can be a leisurely walk, yoga to tai chi.

These findings were obtained from observations made on 36 volunteers who in their early 20s diligently performed 10 minutes of light exercise. Their memory conditions were then compared to volunteers who had never exercised.

In the brain of volunteers who exercise regularly, researchers find an increase in communication between the hippocampus, the most important part of memory storage, with the cortical brain area that plays a role in the process of gathering memory. According to neurologist Michael Yassa, those who carry out light exercise have the ability to distinguish memory well.

“However, the intensity and frequency of exercise still depend on other factors such as age, level of mobility to lifestyle,” Yassa said.

In addition, the researchers saw that mood was also an important factor in being able to benefit from this exercise for the brain. Yassa recommends choosing a sport that can make the mood better because the mood will also have an impact on memory improvement.


source: republika.co.id

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