open-recruitment-relawan-rz-cikarang-gelar-orientasi-calon-relawan-baruCIKARANG. Open Recruitment of Prospective Volunteers (Relawan Nusantara) or Volunteer RZ simultaneously held across Indonesia, which has opened some time ago, both online and in person, finally it has now moved into the orientation phase of each respective branches in 36 cities throughout Indonesia including Volunteer in Cikarang branch.

Orientation phase of prospective volunteers cover interview test and basic capabilities test of prospective volunteers, this session organized into two sessions, first session held on Saturday (09/24), and second session held on Sunday (25/09). A total of 23 prospective volunteers attend the orientation this time with great enthusiasm.
The orientation housed in Ponpes Daarul Mubarok, Sempu, Pasir Gombong and ECD Al-Fayyad, Sempu, Pasir Gombong, not only interview test and basic capabilities test held in this session, but also given the material on the introduction of RZ (Rumah Zakat), Relawan Nusantara (Volunteers), as well as other volunteer activities.
Not only was attended by 23 prospective volunteers, the orientation week for 2 today, also attended by 21 volunteers of ‘Relawan Nusantara’ and also Branch Manager of RZ Bekasi, Indra.

“It was exciting, the orientation this time, it was new experience for me. The volunteers are also exciting, Cannot wait to start the volunteer activities. “Revealed Liana, one prospective volunteer.

The prospective volunteers orientation aims to explore the potential possessed by each prospective volunteers for volunteer activities when officially confirmed as a volunteer while attending Basic Education of volunteers later.

” Alhamdulilah today we have carried out the orientation of the archipelago Cikarang prospective volunteers for 2 days. I thank all colleagues who have helped volunteers and prospective volunteers who have attended the orientation. ”


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