PEMALANG. Wednesday (13/12) Dozens of children playing while reading in Inspiration House “Tlaga Mulyo” Dukuh Tlaga Kidul, Tlagasana Village in the afternoon.

They seemed preoccupied with reading books from Elementary Schools, Comics, Stories of the Prophet’s Companions, & other books.

Ahmad Badari, Village Facilitator of Berdaya Rumah Zakat accompanies the children who are reading the books. This home inspiration itself was initiated by the Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat.

“As a Volunteer Inspiration, I try to continue to develop this Inspiration House in order to grow forward. One of them by uploading activities Inspiration House in social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. With social media, we will be known by the people who want to also participate in educating the nation’s children through this Inspiration House, “said Ahmad.

“And Alhamdulillah after posting on social media. There are so many who offer to donate books that are not used anymore. Like from Mrs. Bambang and publisher of Musi Book Store in Yogjakarta City, they send their own books for free. Thank you very much to those who already support the program Rumah Zakat, “he added.

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