PANTAU PERKEMBANGAN BALITA LEWAT SIAGA POSYANDUPEKANBARU. Monday (4/1) Siaga Posyandu was held again in Pekanbaru city. The program is one of the programs initiated by Cita Sehat and RZ to support the Government in considering the condition of mother and their children health.

“The purpose of the program is to ensure activities of posyandu implemented optimally in the community. So it can decrease maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate in Indonesia through community empowerment, “said Fiona, Public Health Cita Sehat Pekanbaru.

Posyandu activities carried out every month. This time, was conducted in  JL. Kemboja, Gang Prakarsa, Sukajadi. The mothers bring their babies to get an inspection. Starting from the measurement of weight and height until the general medical examination.

“Through this Posyandu, The parents and I be facilitated in observing the condition of our babies. Every month Siga Posyandu always present in our region. Thank RZ and Cita Sehat, have helped to facilitate “said Zulvera, parent of the baby.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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