THAILAND. One of the directives of the Ministry of Health’s national strategy in the Healthy Indonesia program is the strengthening of health services. The strengthening of health services includes increasing access, especially First Level Health Facilities (FKTP), improving the Quality of Service, Implementing a continuum of care approach and so forth.

In the implementation of the improvement of health facilities need cooperation with various parties, one with civil society organization (CSO). Rumah Zakat is one of the CSOs who participated in the synergy in health development through the establishment of first level clinics as the embodiment of Zakat Infaq and Sodaqah (ZIS) funds. From 9 Rumah Zakat’s Primary Clinics in 9 Cities in Indonesia, some of the clinics already partnering with BPJS in the service implementation.

The role of the philanthropic institution of Rumah Zakat in the development of public health in Indonesia is increasingly recognized through an invitation to conduct paper presentation at the International Conference Forum with the theme “Integrated Health System and Policy for Sustainable Development Goal”. The event was held July 20-21, 2017 at Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand.

In the international conference, Dwi Endah MPH as Senior Manager of Cita Sehat Foundation as the implementation partner of Rumah Zakat presented a paper on the contribution of Rumah Zakat as a philanthropic institution in organizing free Primary clinic for the poor community in Indonesia.

Dwi Endah also explained that the papers she presented contained about how Rumah Zakat’s Primary Clinic of over 10 years performs services in the community especially for the poor, the impact of services to the beneficiaries as well as the learning in service delivery.

“Alhamdulilah, I have the opportunity to represent Rumah Zakat to join this Conference Forum, the event is intended as a forum to share information, knowledge and experience, hope also can simultaneously build a network between academics, stakeholders, service providers, and open opportunities for partnerships between donor agencies In various countries especially in Asia region ” she added.

Nurul Rahayu

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