PASCA LONGSOR, RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU RENOVASI MASJID DI PONOROGOPONOROGO. After landslide that occurred in Ponorogo some time ago, many buildings are affected, one of which is the mosque. Wednesday (05/17), volunteers of Rumah Zakat Kediri sent two personnel for renovation and recovery mosque in Ponorogo. One of them is Darussalam Mosque and Al-Ikhlas Mosque.


The Darussalam Mosque is one of the buildings affected by a landslide about 100 meters away from the scene.  To assist the construction of the two mosques, Rumah Zakat provides assistance in the form of building materials, including 1 DAM truck of sand, 1 pickup, 58 ceramic boxes, 45 concrete iron, 50 sacks of cement, 2 wooden cans, 2 cans of wall paint, 25 sheets gavalum / 3m, 15 mahogany logs and other materials.


Not only providing material assistance, but volunteers of Rumah Zakat also helped directly to the field to do the renovation. Volunteer took act to dismantle the front yard of mushola and preparation of foundation.


“Rumah Zakat’s volunteer team not only provides free assistance, but we also directly assist in the implementation by act directly into the field. In addition, we also conducted an advanced action agenda by performing renovation assistance, concrete iron assembly to cast, leveling the soil for widening the mosque and sending 1000 concrete blocks and 2 trucks of sand. ” Said volunteer of Rumah Zakat.

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