MAKASSAR. Tuesday (15/08), Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat Foundation in synergy with Tamalanrea Health Center held Elderly Friendly (Ramah Lasia) action in Kampung Parang. The expression of happiness of the elderly was radiated during a medical examination. Ramah Lansia Program starts with registration activities, weight measurement, blood pressure checks, metabolic examination, medication delivery and health counseling from the Tamalanrea Health Center and concludes with supplemental feeding of watermelon. And as many as 47 elderly and citizens who come in this elderly friendly action activities.

Elderly friendly is one of the programs of Rumah Zakat which aims to improve the quality of public health especially in improving the health of the elderly. Free health check up service Rumah Zakat feels very useful for the citizens, a gratitude for the residents with the presence of Rumah Zakat which makes the area of Parang Village as one of the empowered village areas.

In addition to the Elderly Friendly program, there are also other programs from Rumah Zakat such as Siaga Posyandu for toddlers, Nutrition Garden, Hypertension and Diabetes Education Class, Healthy Gymnastics, Member Development and many more programs from Rumah Zakat.

“In the past, we are here very rarely to go for the health check. Later ill just go to the Puskesmas and no one controls. But, Alhamdulillah there Rumah ZAkat that provides the free examination for the elderly. I am very grateful I can check the health, and know I was a diabetic disease. Thank you, thank you Rumah Zakat. “Said Dg. Cico (57 yrs) resident of Kampung Parang.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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