PEKAN BERBAGI SENYUM AKU SEORANG PELAUT!SEMARANG. (08/11) Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) come back to color the Teaching Learning in SD Juara Semarang, activities designed by RZ aims to ignite the spirit of sharing of every person who has the skill and expertise to RZ beneficiaries, Siswa Juara which is RZ beneficiaries become the focus of the object’s of Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) activity.

6th grade students become a transit home for Mr. Sapto to share knowledge about basic seamanship. With the typical sailor’s uniform and capable posture made clear that Mr. Sapto is a reliable sailor.

When he began delivering materials on marine and shipping, many 6th grade students are inspired to become a sailor. Ups and down he experienced, from extreme weather to weeks not find rice during the expedition.

She also thought the basic theory of marine and cruise as the direction of the wind, the type of waves up to safety equipment must always be ready – ready for an expedition. Activities increasingly attractive to students as a resource asked students to demonstrate some of the circumstances in the ship when being critical condition or danger.

The activity with duration of 2 hours of lessons is not enough for students, many of the students who asked him to be a guest teacher on PBS in the next episode.

“Thanks for the knowledge and experience that was given to us, we hope you’ll share with us at another time and chance”. Said one of the students at the end of the activity

Newsroom/Muhammad Zainal

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