PEKAN BERBAGI SENYUM  BELAJAR BAHASA INGGRIS ITU MUDAH PEKANBARU. SD JUara Pekanbaru implemented Smile sharing week (PBS). This activity is a means to share a smile in SD Juara held across Indonesia.

PBS this time invited the students to learn English. The guest teacher on this occasion is kak Diana Purnama, a student of English FKIP University of Riau (UR). The activities were held in the fifth grade and attended by 23 students.

When PBS started kak Diana introduces us to learn about the importance to learn earnestly to have the knowledge and if we have knowledge will not be fooled by others as she introduced herself. Then kak diana invited students to Introduce their selves one by one in “Introduction” session.

Then continued to a game by introducing different English vocabulary with a game,
such as sing educational song

“Right arm
Left arm
Right leg
Left leg
Chin up
turn around
Sit down”

The song is sung together and repetitive so students can recall the vocabulary in the song. And the agenda was conducted last race of the two groups which has been divided. The competition aims to test the students understanding of the material that has been given by kak Diana.

“Science is the light, and we like it naturally, we just need the means and methods that fit in to teach. English lesson was taught kak Diana approaches liked children so that they are happy and understand,” said Mr. Bayu , The teacher of SD Juara Pekanbaru.

Newsroom / Muhammad Bayu Putra

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