pekan-berbagi-senyum-tema-kesehatan-dilaksanakan-di-8-kotaBANDUNG. Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) is a social activity conducted voluntarily by the general public to share the knowledge that they understand and master to people in RZ target area. This activity also becomes a medium for RZ donators to have the opportunity to interact directly with Beneficiaries (PM). In PBS this time the theme is health.

So far PBS themed Health has been implemented in 8 cities in Indonesia, including in Cilegon, Jakarta, Bandung, Samarinda, Malang, Makassar, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Public interest about this activity is very high, visible from the positive response from public to PBS activity.

As in Cilegon PBS activities involving a pharmacist, Tati Rahmawati (40) shared knowledge about PHBs (Clean and Healthy Behaviour) and DAGUSIBU (Get, Use, Save, Discard) drugs. The activity was attended by 23 Posyandu cadres discuss 10 PHBS in the household. While DAGUSIBU material discuss about where we get can the medicine, how to take medication, when we store and when we have to dispose the medications. Moreover, Tati also explained about healthy food without preservatives.

While in Bandung PBS activities held in conjunction with the Posyandu for elderly in RW 03 Gumuruh, Batununggal district followed by 53 with elderly. Events include counseling and metabolic examinations. Other than that the elderly were given counseling about “Keeping Heart Healthy for the Elderly”. The elderly look so enthusiastic to join such activities, especially when they got extra food in the form of papaya and melon at the end of the event.

In Samarinda PBS was held on Tuesday (09/20) one of Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) assisted school in Samarinda. After school the dokcil (little doctor) of CSF assisted school was so excited knowing there will be a visit from new teacher “teacher” in the PBS event. They are keen to follow PHBs material especially washing hands, because it is very easy to do.

“I was nervous but excited too at the time to convey the material to elementary students for the first time. I am Happy because they are very enthusiastic and cheery, it make me happy too. Later, if there is such a health event I want to participate again because i can share my knowledge of health for the others, “said one participant of PBS Rinda shortly after the activity is completed.

Gymnastics healthy activities, blood pressure checks and metabolic examinations carried out in the middle of PBS excitement in West Jakarta, precisely in ICD Duri Kepa. In Makassar PBS held in conjunction with Posyandu activity for Elderly in Jln. Dg. Tantu Ex. Rappokalling, district. Tallo, Makassar. In the event a free health examination to the administration of drugs was conducted.

Meanwhile in Malang (18/09) PBS this time filled by Isna Afifaya, Dentist Education student at Brawijaya University Masjid Al Mukminun. The material provided is about “Dental and Oral Health” which was delivered to RZ foster children ‘anak juara’ in Malang which numbered 30 children. Isna also teach children how to brush teeth properly. The children were very enthusiastic when viewed Kak Isna demonstrated how to brush teeth with dental Panthom she carried.

In Jetis Kel. Margorejo, district. Wonocolo, the beneficiaries in PBS in Surabaya is toddler, RZ Surabaya conducted PBS activities in conjunction with Posyandu activity for toddler followed by activities by women and children amounts to approximately 20 people. The toddlers get abdominal circumference measurement, weighing, while for mothers get blood pressure checks.

Lastly in Yogyakarta PBS was held at RBG Rendeng wich discussed about BSE (Breast Self-Examination) which is a way to detect breast cancer early. The material filled by Fiki Yulia Umm Hajiroh (26), which is lecturer in D3 UNRIYO in Yogyakarta and is active in the campus laboratory, which is also RZ Volunteer.

A total of 25 members of RBG Yogya present in the health education activities.
“The health education about BSE is very helpful, so I can detect the breast cancer without having to see a doctor,” said Puji Lestari (25).

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