KAPENUHAN. Wednesday, (26/7) Rumah Zakat with Empowered Village program seeks to empower the community with various empowerment programs such as breeding program. Through the facilitator of Empowered Village for Kapenuhan Barat Mulia, Basrul, Rumah Zakat on Wednesday (26/07) formed a group of chicken business entitled Tanjung Belit village chicken business group headed by Rawi.

Chicken breeding is a community empowerment program in Empowered Village Kepenuhan Barat Mulia as well as efforts to develop local potency in chicken breeding managed by households to increase income family which majority works as rubber tapping workers or palm oil planters.

“This preliminary meeting is intended to discuss future plans related to the program that will be rolled out, Alhamdulilah with this meeting the group of chicken business Tanjung Belit has been formed” Basrul said.

The meeting received positive responses from the residents, one of whom was Rawi as head of the Tanjung Belit village chicken business group. “Thank you Rumah Zakat, especially Mr. Basrul who has given direction and hope to us to have a business, hopefully in the near future the program can be realized” he said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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