0803 PEMBINAAN ANAK JUARA PONTIANAK SELATANSOUTH PONTIANAK, Sunday (05/03). The fostering of Anak Juara in the target area of South Pontianak held in the Morning at Masjid Nurul Hasanah JL. Purnama 2.

This was the first fostering on March. Before the material was delivered, children were required to read the Qur’an, and continued with the test of memorizing Quran.

Special for that day, brother and  sister as mentors invite the children played games in order to facilitate them understanding the material be conveyed.

The game start with the “Names of God in Islam”. The Children built very enthusiastic following the course of the game. Through this game the Children been trained to remember the 99 Beautiful Names and Attributes.

By studying 99 Beautiful Names and Attributes, we can recognize and know the other names of Allah, and we can know the nature of God through the Beautiful Names and Attributes. Allah is the Lord of all the worlds together with his greatness.

“Thank God, now I’ve passable know and understand what the Beautiful Names and Attributes,” said Putri.

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