CIMAHI. Rumah Zakat Foster Children ‘Anak Juara’ in North Cimahi regional conduct monthly guidance on Sunday (08/16), these children are recipients of Juara scholarships. At the second meeting held at Nurul Iman Mosque before starting the activity, the children performed the Dhuha prayer first then continued with the reading of the QS. Al-Alaq by Tahfidz children, Ghunnah P3A Tahfidz group and ice breaking, after that began mentoring activities in accordance with their respective groups with material from the existing curriculum.

Every month Teh Ika, the coordinator of the North Cimahi region and also mentor of anak Juara give homework to be practiced, as last month every day children have to get used to hugging their parents while apologizing and saying thank you, and this month the children must get used to guarding themselves against the opposite sex, such as not to touch each other, and maintain relationships.

“Hopefully the children can carry out the homework well and sincerely. And in this coaching activity, we also have 4 new friends, Fahri, Aliya, Erlin, and Tyara, hopefully these new friends can be istiqomah in following the coaching, “Ika said.


Meli Latifah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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