Tuesday (15/08), Rumah Zakat Cilegon launch Mandiri Smile Program with community development through BBTQ, BBTQ Activity is a program that is run to help citizens who have not been able or not fluent in reading the holy book of Qur’an residing in Empowered Village of Citangkil. In the region are still many residents who have not been able to read or not fluently reading the Qur’an. It is expected that the residents, especially mothers are able to read the Qur’an properly and correctly.

BBTQ program implemented in Al-Ikhlas Ramanuju Mosque RW Citangkil Village empowerment area is run by a facilitator with the help of 1 person a teacher who has been certified Qur’an. This program runs every week in 1 month on Tuesday. On this occasion, BBTQ activities get a visit as well as full support from the government of Citangkil village represented by Suherman S.IP, Secretary of Village Citangkil.

In his speech, Suherman reveals “Learning activities such as the Qur’an is very important in addition to understanding the meaning in the verses of the Qur’an as well as to memorize the reading during prayer. Very supportive activities hopefully at least once a month I can accompany and visit in this activity so it can make a pilot for other RW areas in this Citangkil urban village. ”

Not only delivered a speech, Mr. Suherman also became a mentor to the PM by providing material about tajwid and mahrijul letters as well as petrified ustadzah Sulistiani, mentor BBTQ.  Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat Cilegon, Mr. Humaedi explained in his speech about 20 programs that can be synergized with society one of them is BBTQ.

“Alhamdulillah, after the holding of BBTQ activities my knowledge of reading Al-Qur’an increases and prosperity mosque is increasingly crowded especially visited from the village Citangkil as a coach who shares the science,” said the mother of Waniyem one of Majelis Pembinaan Masyarakat.

Newsroom / Humaedi

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