PEMBINAAN DAN PENYALURAN BEASISWA ZIS LINTASARTAJAKARTA. On Sunday (03/05) Anak Juara ZIS Lintasarta scholarship awardees followed regular mentoring activities. There are 29 children who receive scholarships from Zis Lintasarta. The awardees are 12 elementary school students, 7 junior high school students, 7 high school students and three college students. Anak Juara started to follow mentoring in accordance with the area where they live such as gambir, pulo gadung, tanah abang, kebun jeruk, duren sawit, senen, and johar baru.


At this meeting anak Juara in junior high school level go the material in memorizing Quran surah An-Naziat and for senior high school level was Quran surah Ibrahim, while for elementary school children received materials on daily prayers rote (Pray when it’s rain) and interactive games. There are interesting activities in duren sawit area, in which the Regional Coordinator held mentoring activity in BKT park, Anak Juara ZIS Lintasarta were invited to exercise and play interactive games in group. After training was completed, the distribution of scholarships for the period December 2016 – January 2017 was performed.

“Anak Juara are very pleased with development activities carried out by mentor, the activity is always varied and fun. Alhamdulilah Mentoring activity and the distribution of went well” Said Erinawati PIC of Activities

“I pray for the donators of Lintasarta to always given blessing and health by Allah SWT. Thanks donators, thank RZ” Says One of Anak Juara Zis Lintasarta Scholarship awardees.


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