BOGOR. Alhamdulillah, in the cool morning, Sunday, January 21, 2018, the coaching of Anak Juara Rumah Zakat Pademangan was held in Bogor Botanical Garden. Anak Juara as many as 25 people follow the outdoor activities for coaching this time.

They use the Commuter line Train together with the mentor and the korwil. They are the Rumah Zakat empowered children in cooperation with ZIS PT. Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia (PT PPI). From their station to the Bogor Botanical Gardens using public transport.

For the delivery of material, delivered by Zidi Gazalbah, strengthen friendship among friends by behaving according to religious and environmental norms. In addition to the material increase the future capacity of self and channeling, the Anak Juara also enjoy the shady atmosphere of Bogor Botanical Gardens by playing some games.

Guided by Meliha and Khusnul the playing champions, the newspaper racing war, guess what I say, follow what I say, communicates. Deliberately activities are conducted outside the city and outdoor to make a refresher in coaching.

Sintia, the second year of high school, revealed, “Thank God, very happy really can walk with Rumah Zakat activities in outdoor, happy and happy because it can fill my day that may be too relaxed at home, though tired but I am happy. also thanks to PT. Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia (PT PPI) and to Rumah Zakat “.

While Agil, 3 SMA, commented, “Thank God Alhamdulillah, The event that I follow is very fun for me and friends because there in addition to holding a guidance that can add insight there held exciting games that makes us happy.

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