CILEGON. Tuesday (05/09) Customers of Trash Bank empowered by Rumah Zakat and Dasawisma Baru II Lebak Gede cadres gathered at Multi Purpose Building Area of Puma Mandiri Bank and LAZ UJP Banten 1 Suralaya to conduct compost training. This Compost Training Program is held to give the education to keep the environment clean.

Mr. Ali Nurhasan Solehehan gave a speech in this event to socialize the program Rumah Zakat as well as saying thank you to the management of LAZ UJP Banten 1 Suralaya and Lebak Gede residents who have supported this activity.

“Composting training is a bit of usefulness that is felt by the Labak Gede Society not only inorganic waste processed by Puma Mandiri trash bank but in the future, this organic waste can be in exchange with Rupiah. Not surprisingly, many people who feel helped by the presence of Trash Bank Puma Mandiri which is offerings from the Kampung Berseri Rumah Zakat Program synergize with LAZ UJP Banten 1 Suralaya. ” Said Mr. Solehan, chairman of the trash bank Puma Mandiri

This composting training is guided directly by Bpk. Rahmat Sayyar as the speaker of the Eco Nature Environment. Much admiration when these Customers were introduced to Trash which the participants smell the bad smell, but after processing by adding EM 4 they said no more bad smell. Even when shown on the result of their mature compost they enthusiastically hold and smell the aroma of compost that is no longer smelled of trash.

The representative of Head of Kelurahan Lebak Gede, Mrs. Hikmah Juniati appreciates the activities of this trash bank. The customers of the trash bank one of them is Ibu Haryo, expressing his joy. “After following this training my knowledge about trash increases and turns the trash to be more benefits when we can process it,” she said.

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