BANDUNG. Monday (3/12). In order to provide temporary assistance to outpatients seeking treatment in Bandung, the Sukabumi city government in collaboration with Rumah Zakat rolled out the Rumah Singgah (shelter) program.


Sukabumi City Government Shelter House located on Jl. Mulyasari 1 no.7, Sukagalih Village, Sukajadi District, Bandung City is a program to provide temporary shelter for patients and families of poor outpatients from Sukabumi.


This program was officially signed on Monday (3/12) at the Bandung branch of Rumah Zakat office, Jl. Turangga no. 33, also attended by H. Achmad Fahmi as Mayor of Sukabumi and Mr. Nur Efendi as CEO of Rumah Zakat.


On this occasion the MoU was signed in the fields of Social, Health, education and humanity between the Sukabumi City Government and Rumah Zakat.


On the same day Mayor Sukabumi accompanied by CEO of Rumah Zakat also directly carried out ribbon scissors which marked the opening of the Shelter House and visiting patients who were already living in the shelter.

The shelter program is a work of 100 working days of the Mayor of Sukabumi. This is also one of the flagship programs of the Sukabumi City Government in the Social field.


“This program provides assistance in the form of temporary housing for outpatients, hoping that it can ease the burden on patients who must control treatment at the intended Hospital.” Achmad Fahmi said as Mayor of Sukabumi.


And to take patients to the Hospital, the Shelter House has also been equipped with an Ambulance Car and the driver who is ready to deliver the patient.


He continued, with the launch of the Shelter House program, he hopes to be able to help the community, especially our citizens who are in Bandung, to be facilitated properly. “We are also grateful for the synergy of Rumah Zakat for this program.” He concluded.


“We are grateful for the trust of the Sukabumi City Government to Rumah Zakat in this Shelter House program. Insya Allah, this is very beneficial for the community.” Said Nur Efendi.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful because now there is this shelter house, so at least it can reduce the cost of my husband’s lodging during treatment in Bandung,” said Astuti (39), wife of one of the beneficiaries.

Previously, Astuti and her husband Dedi Suhendi (47) had to rent a house every time they would go to the Cicendo Hospital. “Initially I stayed in my relative’s house, but because the house was not too large and there were many family members, after a long time I didn’t feel comfortable if I kept on going,” Astuti added.


Astuti’s husband, Dedi Suhendi, suffered from retinal disorders and loose nerves in his eyes. Until now, Dedi who lives in Sukabumi has done routine health checks at Cicendo Hospital Bandung for 25 times and eye surgeries three times.




Abdullah Thabit

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