CILEGON. Rumah Zakat Cilegon holds entrepreneurship Education to the members at Zakat Cilegon House office, Friday afternoon (6/10). A total of 12 people from various business backgrounds attended the event. This weekly event is filled with entrepreneurial motivation sharing about the member’s business development and spiritual matter.

An independent society is formed from a structured coaching process. Such independence can be either established in business or in the religious field. Therefore, Rumah Zakat always rolls out the empowerment program for the community. For from the community is the beginning of a change.

The form of empowerment is one of them through the guidance that is given regularly for the citizens built in Berdaya Citangkil Village Cilegon, Friday (6/10). The material that was raised in the coaching this time is about the development of business product strengthening and learning cash flow financial business submitted by Humaedi as Facilitator and religious about About Keeping Secrets by Ustadzah Sri Sugiarti.

Through a Powerful Village Facilitator, Rumah Zakat implements a community empowerment program in the form of regular guidance so that in the future it can form qualified individuals, then become an independent family, until finally become a civil society.

Citizen Berdaya Village Residents have regularly followed the guidance activities coordinated by the Facilitator Rumah Zakat. “I am grateful to be a member of SMEs’ Rumah Zakat and I feel very happy with this activity, open the insight in entrepreneurship and make me more excited again in running the enterprises, “Said Nyanik one of the entrepreneurship mentoring PM who has this Fish Meat business.

Newsroom / Humaedi

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