My name is Aisyah Hasanah. I’m eldest and I’m 13 years old. I’m from Syria’s Dairuzzur. I live with 3 of my siblings and my parents in camp and I had lived in the camp in Kumaroh Camp for 2 years, Mafraq Jordan province which is only 10 Km from the city of Daraa Syria, where I was born.

My father worked in a Jordanian-owned garden with only a salary of 2 dinars per day or equivalent to 40 thousand rupiah. In everyday life, the income cannot meet the daily life of my family. Sometimes, my mother helped my father work by holding a young sibling to make ends meet and I took care of my other siblings in the camp.

Because the financial condition of my family is insufficient so we lack protein requirements, especially meat. Therefore I am very happy when Volunteers from Rumah Zakat come to visit and give Superqurban.

Alhamdulilah, with Superqurban, I can taste meat again. Thank you Rumah Zakat, Thank you Indonesia

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