SITUBONDO. Three officials of Bank Sampah Kedung Asri together with the facilitator of Rumah Zakat visited to study the management of Bank Sampah at Ibu Yatik as the head of Bank Sampah Berkah in Banyuglugur Village on Wednesday (17/01/2018).

Bank Sampah Berkah in Banyuglugur Village is a Bank Sampah which won 1st place in the management of Bank Sampah level Situbondo Regency in 2017. Welcomed with friendly by Mrs. Yatik at his Bank Sampah Office, the entourage directly got a lesson about the system and management of Bank Sampah as all administrative affairs he gave the example completely.

The existence of a successful program of Bank Sampah pilot program to increase the spirit of the board of Bank Sampah Kedung Asri. “The visit and study of Bank Sampah management this time, the more open the understanding of the board in running Bank Sampah and give an injection of spirit in running the Bank Sampah program that will be inaugurated early February 2017.” Syarifuddin said the facilitator Rumah Zakat.

It takes patience to manage the Bank Sampah and educate the community, as stated by Mrs. Yatik, “Managing Bank Sampah requires patience, do not immediately despair if our program is not directly responded well by the community. Place first as we gradually increase Bank Sampah management is getting better,” said the bank of Bank Sampah Kedung Asri.


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