WONOGIRI. Rumah Zakat through Empowered Village Facilitator in Puhpelem Village, Puhpelem Sub-district, Wonogiri Regency distributed Nutrition Garden (Kebun Gizi) Program on Tuesday (15/08) at the House of Head RT 03/06, Randukuning Village.

Nutrition garden is one of the programs that utilize the land around the house yard for planting vegetables. From the program, residents get help in the form of seeds of vegetables ready to plant such as chili seeds, eggplant, cauliflower, mustard seeds.

In addition, Rumah Zakat also facilitates 1 quintal of poly bags for 208 families in Randukuning hamlet. Each KK gets 20 poly bag bags and its seeds.

The Nutrition Program is highly appreciated by the people. Mr. Markin,  Head RT 03/06, Randukuning Hamlet is very grateful for the help from Rumah Zakat.

“Nutrition Garden in the future will be very helpful for the people of Randukuning Hamlet, they can save money for vegetable shopping. to buy vegetables can be diverted for other needs. Imagine if an average day there are 3 vegetable vendors around the neighborhood, meaning that people spend at least 3 times a day just to buy vegetables, whereas people living around as farmers. If you can save the vegetables, your money can be saved, “he concluded.

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