SUMEDANG. The Shift Pemuda Hijrah Community handed over donations of humanitarian aid for Rohingya through Rumah Zakat, on Wednesday (27/09) at Masjid Raya Unpad (Bale Aweuhan).

A donation of Rp30,000,000 from the Shift Pemuda Hijrah is a gift from the community to ease the suffering of Muslim Rohingya brothers in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The donation was directly handed over by Kang Jerry, President of Pemuda Hijrah to the representative of Network Division Head Rumah Zakat, Mr. Didi Sabir.

“We would like to thank Pemuda Hijrah who have contributed to helping Rohingyas, because it means so much to them, and we also hope that we will continue to do so in God willing we will convey this mandate to help the Rohingyas.” Said Didi.

Shift Youth Hijrah also very grateful. Shift managed to raise funds to help Muslim brothers in Rohingya, Once collected, Kang Jerry as president Pemuda Hijrah also entrust donations to Rumah Zakat because the Rumah Zakat is a trusted institution.

“We are very grateful to all of them, we as a connector of friends in this community only, and now we submit to the more trusted to deliver assistance to Rohingya.” He said.

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